About Us

Within the modern music industry, collectives (or “cliques”) - housing & incubating artists - have grown to withstand the nature of the business. The growth of popular Hip-Hop collectives like J. Cole’s “Dreamville” and LA’s “TDE” (Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Schoolboy Q) has taught artists the importance of working under a team. This is the case with the Canadian collective MADE2EAT.  

Formed in 2016, MADE2EAT consists of three independent artists from Brampton working under one umbrella - not to be mistaken for a rap group. All three artists - LD bANKO, MixTapper & Ambi - have been consistently pushing content in the form of mixtapes, singles, albums and visuals since their founding, and even prior to as individuals.

In 2017, MADE2EAT hosted their first annual showcase for local Toronto artists. Rather than making the event a headlining show for theirselves, “Everybody Eats” at its conception was well praised, selling out The Burdock Music Hall at its second annual in 2019.

Each individual carries a variety of influences into their music. Modern-day Hip-hop/Trap is blended with elements of storytelling, emotion and energy to create a unique cadence in each of their records. All three artists under MADE2EAT continue to release content, with no plans on stopping anytime soon.